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Security Systems provide security to the data, applications, client address and infrastructure. It redefines endpoint protection for advance threats. It gives user friendly solution that delivers policy based user and role management to the IT infrastructure. Depending on business needs, IBM Security systems provides alternatives we can use it to provision resources to authorized users. Alternatives are based on requests, roles, or a combination of requests and roles.

Services We Offer
  • Tivoli Identity Manager
  • IBM Security QRadar
IBM Tivoli Identity Manager:

TIM provides centralized identity lifecycle management. It can automatically create, manage, and delete user access to various system resources such as files, servers, applications, and more based on job roles or requests.

Services We Offer
  • Requirement gathering
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Identity and credential management
  • User interface and access control
  • Tivoli Identity Manager schedules
  • Password policy
  • Recertification policies
  • Maintainability and configuration management
  • Account Management
  • Tivoli Identity Manager change control
  • Tivoli Access Manager integration
  • Historical Reports

IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM):

IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On is a simple and flexible access management solution that combines convenient single sign-on with session management and user tracking/audit capabilities

  • Strengthens access control with convenient single sign-on (SSO) to enterprise and mobile applications and with strong authentication support.
  • Improves productivity by eliminating multiple passwords, simplifying the user experience and supporting mobility
  • Increases auditability and compliance by tracking and auditing fine-grained user access to information
Services We Offer
  • Requirement gathering
  • Installation and Configuration of base component
  • Configuring Access Profile
  • Managing Deployed Environment
  • Password self-services implementation
  • Configuring strong Authentication
  • Reports
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