WebSphere Application Server

Web sphere implements three tier architectures and transforms the old business into SOA. It is J2EE certified and used in middleware application.

IBM WebSphere refers to a brand of computer software products in the genre of enterprise software known as application and integration middleware. These software products are used by end-users to create applications and integrate applications with other applications. It works across all of its different operating systems and application. Web services are a way of gaining access to business function over the internet through programmatic interfaces enabled by HTTP and SOAP.

Services We Offer:

WebSphere (WAS) Installation and Configuration for Distributed Systems:
  • WAS Installation
  • Configuration
    • Dmgr/Nodes Creation
    • Application ,JMS and MQ Server configuration
    • Clustering
  • Application Deployment
    • EAR File Creation
    • EAR deployment
  • Resources
    • JMS Configuration (JMS provider, Connection Factories, JMS Queues ,Activation Specification )
    • JDBC Data source Creation
  • Security Configuration
    • Global Security(LDAP authentication repository configuration with AD and TDS)
    • SSL certificate and key management
    • Bus Security configuration
  • Environment Configuration
    • Virtual hosts creation
    • Update global Web server plug-in configuration
    • WebSphere variables setup
    • Shared libraries
  • System Administration
    • Cell configuration
    • Deployment manager Creation
    • Nodes and Node agents creation
    • Node groups configuration
  • Users and Groups
    • Administrative user roles creation
    • Administrative group roles creation
    • Manage Users
    • Manage Groups
  • Service integration
    • Buses creation and configuration
    • Web services Configuration
  • Monitoring and Tuning
    • Tivoli Performance Monitor, Request Metrics, and JVM tuning settings to help you improve WebSphere performance and monitor the running state of your deployed applications.
    • Generic JVM Argument setting
    • Thread Pools properties setting
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