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5 Reasons Why React is the Best Technology to Use in 2021

Developing a cross-platform mobile application is the latest trend among developers around the world. Moreover, it’s a must-have element for full native mobile app development in 2021.

Nowadays. there are various cutting-edge technologies available for cross-platform development, but React is the most popular technology used by developers to develop an effective mobile application.
So, why is React gaining such immense popularity? Here are the top 5 reasons that make it the best technology for developing mobile apps in 2021.

Supports Cross-Platform App Development:

Talk to any developer in the world and they will let you know how challenging it is to maintain both Android and iOS apps together. It’s one of the most challenging tasks for developers because both were written in different languages, using different frameworks.

The same platform for developing a mobile app provides a consistent user experience across multiple platforms. By utilizing React, you just need a crackerjack JavaScript developer specializing in native UI libraries, APIs, and Hybrid App Development.


React Native Apps can be created much faster as compared to developing separate iOS and Android Apps. React allows you to create apps quickly and efficiently while saving a lot of money.

Hence, it’s a great option for small businesses and start-ups who need to augment their ROI on every penny spent. You don’t need to spend extra bucks on hiring separate Android and iOS developers. You can instead head off those resources to hire a skilled React developer.

Reduce Development Complexity:

React’s easy-to-read code allows developers to make complicated tasks simple. This framework uses Facebook’s UI Library to create code that is easy to understand and to effectuate React JS.

You can usually find different expected outcomes for various app development projects, React offers a simple and straightforward solution to plenty of similar problems.

Its best feature is the “Hot Reload.” This feature enables app developers to get a live preview of the code and what will be its actual impact. This helps developers in committing the least number of errors that lead to a bug-free code.

Third-Party Plugins:

There are a variety of reusable libraries from React available online. Moreover, this number is increasing like the wind as several reputed companies such as Wix started supporting it.

Creating a mobile app from scratch, with a genuine software foundation can be an extortionate and time-consuming process. And you need to re-use some of the existing materials to overcome this challenge. This is where we need a third-party plugin as it eliminates the need of using certain web view functions.

And React acts as a framework that allows the plugin to connect with a native module. Furthermore, there are various options available to link the processes, which contributes to quick loading and smoother running, and great memory management.

Great for SEO:

Most of the developers often face issues with JavaScript frameworks not being search engine friendly. As a result, applications developed on JavaScript are not SEO-friendly in most cases. But React helps you to overcome this hurdle. It enables you to develop user interfaces that can be easily browsed on multiple search engines. Hence, it’s a great technology for SEO, and we know how crucial it is for websites and mobile applications to be SEO-friendly in 2021.

Concluding Thoughts

So, here we have discussed how useful React technology is in 2021. Moreover, it plays a vital role in developing effective mobile apps that can run on both Android and iOS.

In the end, we can conclude React helps you create outrageous applications quickly and efficiently. And there’s no reason why developers shouldn’t be using this technology in 2021.

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